A secluded equestrian paradise for the practice of horse sport.
11250 Topa Vista Rd.
Santa Paula   CA 93060
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We are 19 miles or 25 minutes from the Ventura County Government Center

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Riding is an extremely demanding physical sport practiced throughout the world.  Equestrian sports are found in the Olympic Games and are recognized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (Click on NCAA; then do a search for equestrian).  There are numerous scholarships available for college based on equestrian participation.


Competition at the high school level is found with the Interscholastic Equestrian League (Click on IEL).  Teams representing public and private schools compete on an equal footing.


There are private elementary and secondary schools with very intensive equestrian programs.  There are colleges that specialize in various careers in the equine industry.  Click on Equestrian Education to find schools, colleges, and scholarships.


Students can earn physical education credit for participating in equestrian sports.  Each school district has its own criteria for earning this credit and it is usually available as Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE).


Peppercorn Ranch has been authorized by various districts to provide ISPE.  Each student must apply for ISPE through her or his school.  Peppercorn Ranch will add the district to its liability insurance as an additional insured and provide any other information, proof of achievement, and experience diaries, the district may require.

High school students can letter in Equestrian Sports through the United States Equestrian Federation.  Click on USEF and look for information on High School Equestrian Athlete.